Covid-19 Commitment

*This information applies to apartment units only.  For information on commercial and office space, please contact our leasing department at

During this unprecedented time we have a responsibility as apartment managers to keep you safe, even during the apartment leasing process.  Here's our commitment to you as you choose your apartment:

360° Virtual tours

For your protection and the protection of our current residents, we are no longer offering regular in-person tours of our apartment units.  In lieu of an in-person visit, we're offering personal tours of units via 360° live streaming.  From the safety of your current home, you'll be able to walk through any of our apartment units just as if you were there in person using the latest in 360° camera tech.  We'll be conducting each 360° tour for you personally - you'll be able to ask questions on the fly and guide our Leasing Team member to areas of the building and apartment that you'd like to see.  Limited in-person tours will be conducted for those who've previously taken a 360° tour and are interested in proceeding further in the application process.

Applications and leases

As always, our application process is completely online.  We utilize Docusign technology, the gold standard in e-signature and document security.  Application and hold payments are always made online, and IDs and any supporting documentation you need to provide to us is submitted as a PDF or photo.  Lease signing is also handled online via the Docusign process, ensuring that all parties have properly signed everything by the time you're ready to move in. 

Apartment sanitizing

In addition to preparing your new apartment for you by painting, thorough cleaning and making repairs, we are also fog treating each apartment with an anti-bacterial/viral chemical to help to eliminate all potential viruses.  In apartments with carpet, we will also be thorough cleaning the carpets with a similar chemical.  As an added precaution, it is now our policy to require all apartments have a 72-hour quarantine period prior to your taking possession - not even our team members may enter during that time.  When you're ready to move in, we'll sanitize your keys and deliver them to you in a plastic bag, further ensuring your safety.

Building Service

All of our buildings undergo regular cleaning several times per month.  During this time, we are utilizing additional chemicals while cleaning to help keep our hallways and doors sanitary.  Of course, we do still strongly recommend that you wash your hands thoroughly after walking through any apartment hallway.  Additionally all of our team members practice social distancing, and will wear a mask and gloves when entering an apartment to perform service.  

Customer Service

We have implemented a live chat and video service in our resident portal which will allow all of our residents to communicate directly with our management team members during regular business hours.  This will allow direct face-to-face interaction without having to meet in person.  During your apartment search, you may contact us the same way by clicking on the live chat feature on the home page.  All rent payments can and should be made online through the resident portal.  There have never been and never will be any fees for electronic payments made from any US-based checking or savings account.  We also offer credit card options through a third-party processor.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact Nick, our Leasing Team Leader, at


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