About Us

Hi.  We're Downtownian.com. Our goal is to offer you well located residential, commercial and office leases with the highest quality of amenity and service, at rates unmatched by our competition.

How do we offer better service at a lower cost?

  • While typical management companies manage for any building owner that hires their service, we own all of the buildings we manage.   That way, we can maintain strict control over the quality of our buildings, quality at a level that a building owner would demand. What we decide is best for our tenants and buildings is what we put into action.
  • We aren't the big guy - no, seriously.  We're a small company, born and bred in Baltimore City.  Why does small make us better? First of all, we save money by not having the expensive overhead of a large company - savings we can pass along to our tenants in the form of lower rents. Second of all, a small manager knows it's residents by name. Our residents are never just an apartment number to us.  So, you ask, how do we make up for our small size?  Hint: you're staring at it.  The internet, of course!  We see a higher rate of tenant satisfaction and a lower rate of mistakes by using our online system of rent payments, service requests and manager interaction.
  • We have well kept, renovated buildings. Oh, but other managers would have you think that you'd need to pay more if there are nice, shiny new kitchens and light fixtures. Nope. By keeping our rental units up to date and well maintained, we have less service calls. Less service calls mean less time and money spent fixing things.  And happier tenants!  Happier tenants mean less move-outs. Less move-outs mean less money spend on repainting and cleaning apartments for the next tenant. All of that means - you guessed it - a savings that we can pass along to you.

Our philosophy is by being a good manager, we can save you money on your lease. A bit of a backward way of thinking, you say?  Give us a test drive and see for yourself.